Saturday, 2 March 2013

3 New Hardware Products For Windows 8

Microsoft recently released  showcase  new products that have features specific to Windows 8 that make it easier than ever to get stuff done.These can be used in Desktops, Laptops & Tablets. (Source :Microsoft)

1. Sculpt Touch Mouse

1. Four-way Touch scrolling and Bluetooth technology. 
2. Easy to use with Windows 8 and also in Windows 7. 
3. Well designed & it will be a perfect gadget for tech lovers.

Download Software & Drivers
Download Manual

2. Wedge Touch Mouse

1. Easy to use.
2.Four-way Touch scrolling and Bluetooth technology.
3."Backpack Mode” (essentially a low power mode).

3.. Touch Mouse

1. One Finger – Manage Content

    Slide or flick one finger to manage content. Slide in any direction to scroll. Flick in any direction to scroll quickly.
2.  Two Fingers – Manage Apps
Slide two fingers to manage apps. Slide left to display Windows 8 charms: Search, Share, Devices, Settings. Slide right to switch through open apps. Slide forward/back to show app commands.
3.  Three Fingers - Zoom
Slide three fingers to zoom. Slide forward to zoom in. Slide back to zoom out.
4.  Thumb – Move through Apps
Slide right to go forward. Slide left to go back.