Sunday, 24 February 2013

How To Overcome Stage Fright; Some Tips For You !

Stepping to a competitive world , you should have some desired Skills, Knowledge and Qualification, Otherwise your life will be a failure. We all passing through a professional life. It is important to build a professional career to achieve our goals. Once you selected a course, you should work hard on it, Pros and Cons will be there in your mind, but do a Herculean  Task , you will receive the best result.
                                                                     Greedy people will lose even what they have,fill better qualities in your mind,that will make you a good person in society. Many students across the world are blessed with lot of skills & fluent language. Unfortunately most of them are unwilling to stand in front a huge crowd and pronounce even a single word. This fear is called STAGE FRIGHT. Here are some tips to overcome this fear.

1. Stage Fright -What Happens Exactly?

Little by little we can completely overcome this fear. Stage Fright is common among peoples - Singers while singing a song , Actors while facing camera etc... Understand that nervousness is due to the sudden rush of adrenaline  in your  body and the flow of Adrenaline in the body gives you more Glucose, This energy can be turn to your advantage.

2. Position,Style,Narration,Gestures

Nothing in the professional life happens by chance. Never let your shoulders droop, Don't slouch while walking and avoid crossing your legs while standing before audience. Keep your Hands in control (Gestures too).While addressing audience Keep looking in all directions & more importantly create a good Eye Contact with the listeners. Unable to speak ? Then never crane your Neck, Bite fingers - Just say Thank You & Finish It !

3. Keep In Mind

keep a positive attitude always. No one in the world is completely perfect. Time and Tide will come again & again. Work Hard, then you will surly receive the Gift. Keep in mind these lines " An Idle Man's Head Is The Devils Workshop ".

Finally , I wish you a Successful & Prosperous Future Guys . Have a nice day !