Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Google Search With Facebook Like Button

Like Google Or Facebook ?  As you all know Google is the most popular search engine in the world and Facebook is the  world largest social networking site with over 1 Billion active users (October 2012).

Do you want to know which of the websites you will see on Google search  is Liked by your friends on Facebook? No wonder ! It's TRUE. You can integrate both Google search result & Like Button , by using a simple plugin(OR Extension) created by Crossrider called Google +Like .Its work with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox.

All you need is just Visit Crossrider  Google+Like  Download page & Download it. Size will almost 2.3 MB.Just install it (Close all Browsers before installing). start  your browser and put some keyword on Google , you will see a small tiny Like Button will be there in the right side of the search results and the Profile photo of your friends who liked the page will be also there . Enjoy It ! HAVE A NICE DAY !