Friday, 15 February 2013

7 Beautiful Themes For Windows 8/7 By Microsoft

A THEME  is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds . Beautiful themes will enhance the beauty of your desktop. Microsoft  has created hundreds of themes for windowss 7/8 users.Here is a collection some beautiful themes i have found on Windows official website. I don't know whether you like Or not ,But it is important to note that below themes can only be used in Windows 8Windows RT, and in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

1. Diffusion Theme
Diffusion creates mysterious and beautiful abstract designs in this free Windowsdesktop theme.

2. Waterdrops theme

Discover the world inside a water drop with this free Windows theme featuring astonishingly artistic images by photographer J.P. Peter.

3. Small World theme

Take a closer look, then get even closer in this free Windows theme that examines nature's delicate side.

4. Nature Macros theme

Take a closer look at nature's beauty with this free Windows theme, showcasing photos from Mike Swanson.

5. Abstract Dark theme

Dramatic abstract designs suggestive of smoke, gears, feathers, and circuits are featured in this free theme for Windows.

6. Akrapovic theme

Get close with the gleaming perfection of motorcycle exhaust components from the mind of Slovenian racer Igor Akrapovic. Used by high performance bikes around the world, and free for the gawking with this Windows theme.

7. Large and Small theme

Drops of dew glisten on blades of grass and dandelion seeds. Frost seems suspended in midair—or perhaps it’s clinging to the remnants of a spider’s web. Photographer Ondřej Vlček captures patterns of nature and moments of stillness in these quietly stunning images.