Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Top 3 Windows 8 Guides [ FREE E-BOOKS]

1.Introducing Windows 8 – An Overview For IT Professionals

This book is a great way to get quickly up-to-speed on all the new improvements in this latest Windows release.  In addition to a re-imagined user interface that provides an immersive experience across touch, pen, keyboard and mouse inputs, Windows 8 also includes significant updates across hardware support, management, security, networking, storage, virtualization, deployment, and recovery - all areas that are critically important to IT Pros!


2.Windows 8 Accessibility
Windows 8 Accessibility informaiton available includes a customer ready, printable Fact sheet in PDF, as well as an 88 page Accessible file in both PDF and .docx providing an overview of Accessibility in Windows 8 including What’s New in Windows 8 Accessibility, Ease of Access,Personalization, Mouse and Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcut.

3. Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

This free ebook provides comprehensive coverage of the platform for Windows Store apps. Since its second preview in August, we’ve added the remaining chapters on live tiles, notifications, background tasks, background transfers, networking, devices, printing, WinRT components, accessibility, localization, and the Windows Store itself. The final ebook contains 17 chapters. And of course all of the earlier chapters have also been reviewed and refined—over 800 pages in total, along with new and updated companion content!



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