Wednesday, 23 January 2013

20 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts [Should Know]

Windows 8 ,I Know there is no introduction needed about windows 8,But how can we start without an introduction(SORRY Guys) Windows 8 is the latest OS from Microsoft both for Tablet &PC users. Microsoft recently announced that 60 million licenses are sold.It reveals the popularity of windows8.

8 new features in Microsoft Windows 8

1. Home Screen
2. No start button,But charms  help you
3. Modern UI
4. Windows store
5. New lock screen
6. Connected to the cloud
7.Settings simplified
8. Multitasking (OR Lack of it)


Windows Key + DShow Desktop

Windows Key + COpen Charms Menu
Windows Key + QSearch For Installed Apps

Windows Key + WSearch Settings
Windows Key + TabCycle through open Modern UI Apps
Windows Key + Shift + TabCycle through open Modern UI Apps in reverse order
Windows Key + .Snaps app to the right (split screen multitasking)
Windows Key + Shift + .Snaps app to the left (split screen multitasking)
Alt + F4Quit Modern UI Apps
Windows Key + XShow Advanced Windows Settings Menu
Windows Key + Shift + MRestore all minimized Windows
Ctrl + Shift + EscapeOpen Task Manager
Windows Key + Pause BreakDisplay System Properties
Windows Key + Shift + 0 to9Launch new instance of app pinned to taskbar at indicated number
Alt + Print ScreenPrint Screen focused Window only
Windows Key + SpacebarSwitch input language and keyboard layout
Windows Key + Page UpMoves Start screen and apps to secondary monitor on the left
Alt + Right ArrowView next folder in File Explorer
Alt + Left ArrowView previous folder in File Explorer
Windows Key + EnterOpen Narrator