Monday, 4 February 2013

Computer Assembly : Part ||||

ATX Power Connector
Connect the ATX
Power supply
connector to
provide power
for all the

ATX 12V Connector
* Some
motherboard do
requires to
connect a power
supply with ATX
12V plug to this
connector so that
it can provide
sufficient power.

PCI Slot

You to
add any
addition device
with a PCI slot..
* Example of PCI
slot device
include TV
capture card,
Network Card

*  This battery provide
power for the BIOS to
store information and
maintain the clock to
run when the system
is power-down.
* Running out of this
battery will cause the
system setting.

Get ready to Install
Component !
*  You are now familiar with your
mother board. It’s Now ready to
install the motherboard into the

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