Friday, 8 February 2013

Computer Assembly : Part 1

Pre-Installation Precaution
*  Mother board contains very electric
sensitive components and will be
very easily damaged if handled
* Unplug the power Cord from the
wall socket before touching any
component. Failure to do so may
cause severe damage to the
motherboard, peripherals, and / or

Pre-Installation Precaution (2)
* To avoiid damagiing the
motherboard components due
to statiic ellectriiciity,, NEVER
pllace your motherboard
diirectlly on the carpet or the
lliike.. Allso remember to use a
ground wriist strap or touch a
safety grounded objject before
you handlle components

Pre-Installation Precaution (3)
*  Hold the componet by the edge and do
not touch the ICs.
* Whenever you uninstall any
components, pleace it on a grounded
antistatics pad or in the bag that
comes with the component.
* When placing screw into the screw
holes to secure the motherboard to
the chassis, please DO NOT overtighten
the screws !! Doiing so may
permanently damage the

Pre-Installation Precaution (4)
* Never put your motherboard on
any metall Surface.. Be carefull
when you connect the power pllug
wiith your motherboard..


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