Saturday, 3 December 2011

Facebook Without Internet

An Interesting news from the cyber world. Now you can use & enter into facebook without internet connection. This technic is invented &marketed by “U2opia” (a company from Singapore).

It is not good news for the computer users, because this is a mobile application. Mobile users can use facebook without “GPRS”.this technic is called “USSD” said by the CEO & founder of U2opia “Suresh menon”.USSD is also used by the mobile operators to know the balance amount after a call.
But it has some limitations also, they are listed below
1. Can’t use “graphics”
2. Only can use to send update to your friend’s wall & read it.

We can conclude that this is like a “SMS”.but it is sure than it is great news & also reveling the popularity of facebook.